What Is the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)?

Turning to an arborist with a tree risk assessment qualification (TRAQ) can help you prevent the damage a fallen tree causes and ensure the safety of people.

In most cases, obvious signs will let you know when your tree is sick and at risk of falling. However, these signs aren’t always obvious. Additionally, many homeowners might be unaware of the damage the tree could cause if it fell.

Fortunately, tree risk assessment can help.

Read on to learn about the TRAQ program and what the qualification consists of. We’ll also discuss the importance of contacting a tree service company in Tampa, FL.

What Is a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification?

The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification provides arborists with expertise in the specialized arboriculture field of tree risk assessment. Earning this qualification requires arborists to undertake a two-day training course and successfully complete written and performance-based assessments.

During the course, arborists learn a standardized process for assessing tree risk. They acquire expertise that allows them to know how to quantify several factors, including tree species, weight, lean, and structure. They also learn to consider external influences, such as soil conditions, wind forces, and decomposers like insects.

By holistically weighing all these factors, they can determine how risky a tree is. They communicate this risk to you in verbal and written forms.

This information helps you make decisions that will promote the safety of people on your property. At the same time, you’ll enhance your tree’s health, longevity, and benefits.

Program Eligibility

For an arborist to be eligible for the program, they must have earned one of the following designations or credentials:

  • ISA certified arborist
  • ISA board-certified master arborist
  • A degree in urban forestry, arboriculture, horticulture, or traditional forestry from a university or college
  • A national certificate in arboriculture
  • A state or province-approved arboriculture license

You can access the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Application Guide for a complete list of the program’s eligibility requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Using Arborists with TRAQ Certifications?

All certified arborists can assess tree risk and offer the necessary treatments. However, only those with a TRAQ certification can deliver services of the highest possible level.

Here are a few benefits you stand to enjoy when you use a TRAQ arborist.

Peace of Mind

The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification enables an arborist to provide effective assessments. Since the process they implement is standardized, your arborist will make fewer mistakes. As a result, you can be more confident in the results they share with you.

Precise Treatments

Your arborist might also be able to provide your tree with precise treatments, significantly reducing any risk it poses.

Legal Protection

If the assessed tree falls and causes damage, having a standardized risk assessment report can offer you legal protection. If the TRAQ assessment said the risks were low, you would likely not be found at fault.

Saves Money

From the precise treatments they offer to the legal protection they provide, opting for assessment services from a TRAQ arborist can save you significant money.

Reliable Arborist Consulting Services in Tampa Bay, FL

Using Tree Risk Assessment Qualification arborists is the best way to know whether your trees pose any risk. They can also help you determine the extent of that risk.

At Arborist Aboard, we offer Tampa Bay, FL, residents a wide range of consulting services. We provide clients with expertly trained risk assessment professionals. Get in touch with us at (813) 920-4410 today.

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