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Tree Removal

With the right team a tree removal project should be seamless from start to finish. In the Bay Area we find most removals to be in urban settings which do pose some obstacles to navigate. Our Arborist will assess the removal and the equipment needed to minimize the impact on your home or business.

We understand tree removals are an unwanted and sometimes unplanned expense and believe that shouldn’t be further complicated by unnecessarily having to replace landscapes, sidewalks/driveways just because you’re removing a tree from your property.

We will advise you of your options for removal and will always let you know what to expect from start to finish with whatever option you choose.

Common Reasons for Tree Removals:


  • Dead tree
  • Declining tree (usually a homeowner notices excessive deadwood, live branches falling from canopy or tree has had previous structural faults) •
  • Home/business addition, pool installation
  • New construction
  • Tree causing physical property damage
  • More sunshine desired (with protected trees, this reason alone will not justify a permit with your local municipality)

tree pruning
  • Do you need a permit?

We will advise of permit requirements during the evaluation. If a permit is needed, we will handle the process with your local municipality. We will not jeopardize our business or your property by doing an unpermitted removal.

  • Is removal your only option?

Call us for your removal evaluation and our Arborist will be happy to detail alternative options if available. We have had great success limiting liabilities and tree preservation.