Tips For Taking Care of Trees in Summer

Trees are constantly growing and changing throughout each season. They require different care for different weather and climate. Your trees in summer are no exception. 

All tree owners should know how to take care of their trees properly. Knowing when to prune, how to spot damaged leaves, and when to mulch can help keep your trees alive and healthy. 

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Examine Your Tree Canopy and Bark 

The warmer months tend to bring more insects that can damage the leaves and the overall well-being of your trees. Taking a moment to examine your tree canopy and the trunk allows you to check for potential problems. You should be on the lookout for: 

  • Borer holes 
  • Bleeding sap 
  • Bitten leaves 
  • Leaf dieback 

If you believe your trees have an infestation, contact the knowledgeable team at Arborist Abroad. We will help treat and stop the problem before it becomes deadly. 

Trim or Prune Your Trees 

One of the best things you can do for your trees in summer is to trim or prune them. Pruning your trees promotes strong and healthy growth. While most experts believe that pruning your trees during the fall or winter is best, it is still crucial to inspect the branches seasonally. 

Summer pruning allows you to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased limbs before they can infect the rest of the tree. Trimming your trees also enables you to cut down any potentially dangerous branches that can fall on your home or property. 

In addition to protecting your family and house, pruning trees gives you the opportunity to improve the overall look of your trees. 

Check the Soil Surrounding the Tree 

Yellowing leaves can indicate that your tree is not getting enough water. Green leaves that turn yellow are usually experiencing heat stress and trying to save water. If your trees are exposed to periods of drought, investing in a watering system with a drip or soaker can help keep your trees hydrated. Mulching can also help your trees retain moisture by increasing the water infiltration. 

Yellowing leaves may also be a sign that you are overwatering your tree. When this occurs, you should check the soil surrounding the tree and measure its moisture. Soil that is wholly saturated is a sign that the irrigation isn’t quite right. 


In addition to checking and maintaining the soil, weeding the area surrounding the tree is essential. By removing weeds, you ensure that they won’t steal any of the water or nutrients the tree needs. 

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