Tree Service Professionals in Lutz, FL Share Fall Tree Care Tips

Taking care of the trees in your Lutz home or business is essential to maintain the aesthetics and prevent tree-related incidents. As fall approaches, it’s important to have a tree care plan to ensure that your tree flourishes in the fall and is ready for winter.

With this in mind, the experts at Arborist Aboard, a professional tree care company in Lutz, FL have put together these fall tree care tips for homeowners and businesses.

1. Check for Insects in Trees and Shrubs

Fall is a wonderful time to have trees examined for overall safety, in addition to trimming or supporting problematic branches. Also, check for pests and illnesses so they don’t get out of hand. If you notice obvious damage, early fall color, or other stress-related symptoms, you may have an underlying problem. Seek the advice of a certified arborist who can accurately evaluate problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

2. Fall Fertilization

Apply a slow-release fertilizer in the fall to guarantee that trees acquire nutrients that have been lost. Slow-release fertilizers work in a similar way to natural fertilizers in that they provide nutrients to your tree over time. As the seasons pass, trees that have regular access to nutrients can sprout new leaves, roots, and wood.

3. Remove fallen tree leaves using a rake

Fungi that cause disease love to hide and overwinter among the fallen leaves of trees. Raindrops awaken the overwintering spores, allowing them to reinfect the tree as the weather warms up in the spring.

4. Plant new trees

The optimal time to plant new trees is in the fall. With colder temperatures, the new tree is less likely to succumb to sun scorch or drought.

5. Mulch your tree

Mulching protects a tree’s roots from the cold of late fall and winter by insulating them. It also aids in the retention of moisture and organic matter in the soil.

Mulching your trees is one of the most beneficial things you can do for their health. Mulching is a rapid and cost-effective procedure that delivers several benefits, especially for young trees.

Get Professional Tree Care Services

Are you looking for competent fall tree care services in Lutz, FL? Arborist Aboard is your best choice. They offer high-quality tree services at affordable prices.

Arborist Aboard is always here to help, whether you need a basic tree trim, a health check for an old tree in your landscaping, or the safe removal of a dead tree. Their tree care specialists can provide recommendations, work safely in your landscape, and keep your trees looking their best.

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