Professional Tree Service in Carrollwood, FL Offers Tree Removal Safety Tips 

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem, however, there are times when totally removing a tree becomes crucial.

Tree removal can be dangerous, and that is why it needs to be handled carefully. The following safety tips, offered by a Carrollwood, FL tree service company, will help ensure a safe process when removing any type of trees and also protect you and others in your vicinity.

Tree Removal Safety Tips

Check the tree before removing it

If you want to remove a tree because you believe it is dead, then you need to check it before you proceed with the removal process.

You may not have in-depth knowledge about the tree removal process, important to note that the process can be quite complicated. If you are not sure whether a tree is alive or dead, then you need to hire the services of professionals to help you examine it.

Use the right equipment and safety gear

Irrespective of the size of the tree that you want to remove, it is advisable to use the right equipment and safety gear. In this case, you need durable work boots, helmets, and goggles to protect you while removing the tree.

Also, you need to protect your hands by using top quality safety gloves. You should also protect your hearing by using earplugs.

Pay attention to the power lines

If you want to remove a tree that is close to power lines, then it’s safe to assume that such lines are energized; thereby making them dangerous. Before you remove such trees, get in touch with your utility provider to know if they can de-energize the power lines before you start removing the tree.

Arborist Aboard can help you remove trees that are within 10 feet of power lines so that you are not exposed to any form of danger.

Hire a Reputable and Reliable Tree Removal Service in Carrollwood, FL

If you are in or around Carrollwood, and you need the services of an expert tree company, you cannot go wrong with Arborist Aboard. Arborist Aboard’s bonded and insured tree removal professionals can help you safely remove your tree. The company carries out a detailed tree risk assessment to uncover any forms of risk.

Get in touch with the tree experts at Arborist Aboard to discuss your tree care needs and get a FREE quote.


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