New Year Tree Tips From Tree Service Company in Lutz, FL

For every tree lover around the world, the new year is always a great opportunity to up their tree care game and ensure their trees are strong, healthy and ready to slay the year just like they are. 

Giving trees the care they need requires intentionality in creating tree care and wellness plans and following through with them.

Depending on the kind of trees on both residential and commercial properties, different aspects of tree care could help ensure optimal tree health and eliminate any potential tree hazards. Tree Care Experts like Arborist Aboard offer professional arborist consulting services to residents of Lutz, FL.

Tree Care Tips For The New Year

Pruning and Trimming

Trees need to be pruned to allow optimum air circulation and fresh growth spurts. Getting rid of dead tree limbs and hanging branches improves both tree architecture and health, making it a great idea for trees in the new year. 

Fertilizer Boosts

Even trees need a bit of boost with nutrients and vitamins here and there to be at their very best and grow properly. Fertilizers provide extra nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that improve the soil quality and allow the trees to get the most from the soil. Knowing the right kind of fertilizer and amount to apply is a skill that experts like Arborist Aboard possess. 

Routine Tree Assessments 

Routine tree checks are important to be able to diagnose any problems early on before the trees deteriorate or get pest infested. They should be carried out by expert tree care professionals like Arborist Aboard with years of experience who utilize them in providing safe tree care services. They determine if the trees need other procedures like tree cabling and bracing, trimming, pruning, removal and even stump grinding.

Where To Get Professional Tree Care Services In Lutz, FL This New Year

Proper tree care is a time and labour-consuming process associated with dangerous tasks that could be potentially hazardous for inexperienced people. Knowing the right methods of tree care at certain times may also be difficult.

Proper Arborist Consulting with professionals like Arborist Aboard ensures that your trees are in the right hands and getting the best possible care while guiding you through the process of caring for your trees.

They are a team of ISA certified arborists who take pride in providing high-quality services at the most affordable rates for all residents of Lutz, FL. They offer arborist services like tree injections, fertilization programs, root pruning, tree inventories and risk assessments.

To speak with a friendly staff member at Arborist Aboard and get a FREE estimate, visit their website or call 813 920 4410.

Arborist Aboard is owned and operated by an ISA Certified Arborist and a second generation tree care professional. We take great pride in our work and the customers we serve, commercial and residential.

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