Lutz Florida Area Arborist Offers Spring Tree Pruning Tips

Pruning trees during the spring season is a great idea for some reasons, one of which is that the pruning “wounds” will not be exposed to the elements for long because the growing season is close. Also, during this season, the trees are bare and more visible making it easier to determine which branches need trimming or outright cutting.

As good as spring pruning is though, doing it right depends on the type of tree. It should be done at the right time in the season to avoid interfering with the growth of the tree. 

Spring Tree Pruning Tips

Pruning in spring is not all smiles and rainbows as it can put a cap on the tree’s bloom potential for the year. In addition, pruning during spring could leave cuts on any tree that could expose them to disease and insect infestation. To keep those trees healthy, here are some spring tree pruning tips:

  • Remove dead or dying branches. This helps the tree have a better growing season
  • Make sure to remove limbs that are rubbing together
  • When limbs are beginning to grow inwards towards the center of the tree, they should be trimmed
  • Cut close to wherever you are cutting; bud, trunk, or branch.
  • Try not to leave buds in branches or the trunk.
  • Enlist the services of a tree care specialist whenever there is any doubt.

Trees That Should NOT Be Pruned During Spring

Spring pruning is beneficial to most trees, but there are some that should not be trimmed at all, here they are:

  •         Oak trees: these trees should not be pruned during spring to reduce the possibility of oak wilt.
  •         Elm Trees; are susceptible to Dutch Elm disease during this period and shouldn’t be pruned.
  •         Sycamore trees: pruning in spring increases the chances of the tree developing Anthracnose.

Finding The Best Arborist In Lutz, Florida

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