Effective Tips to keep your trees healthy during the summer

Summer heat brings out the best in your trees, but it also exposes them to various challenges that could hurt them. When summer storms, diseases, and pests strike, their health can be seriously hit. This is why having a regular tree care routine is beneficial, as it allows you to improve their health and know what to expect when you hire professional tree caregivers.

Typical challenges that trees face during the summer

  • Summer is critical for plants to deal with water shortages and excessive temperatures.
  • Diseases and pest infestations are more likely to occur when the temperature rises.
  • Pruning blunders can harm the health of your trees since they may not be able to grow.

Checklist for Tree Care in the Summer

  • Landscape Inspection 

Take a close look at your trees for signs of illness or pest infestation. Examples include the Emerald Ash Borer, Summer Aphids, the Magnolia Scale, Chinch bugs Borers, Spider Mites, and more. 

These are critical issues that necessitate the expertise of professionals to devise appropriate treatment plans.

  • Prune dangerous, ill, or dead branches

When it comes to tree care, it’s impossible to avoid pruning. All summer long, your trees and plants will benefit from it. Also, keep an eye on the canopy structure of your trees to encourage vigorous growth. Finally, remove dead limbs and branches from your trees in the spring and summer to keep them healthy and prevent more damage during storms.

  • Irrigation

Maintaining a stable temperature and promoting tree development in the summer require regular irrigating. When it comes to watering your trees and plants, knowing how much and how often to do so is essential.

Professional tree service available in Tampa, FL

Arborist Aboard is pleased to offer a full range of tree services in Tampa, FL, and its environs. To satisfy your demands, they offer a wide variety of tree services. Since their inception, they have consistently been rated as the best tree service company around.

Arborist Aboard is a Tampa-based company that provides companies and homeowners with certified arborist-backed arbor care. Whether you have a small residential lot, a large corporate complex, or a large number of acres of land, the company is ready to examine the health of your trees and give the complete, detailed arbor services you need to maintain your property looking its best.

Tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, disaster relief, stump grinding, land clearing, and arborist consultation are just a few of the many services they provide to residential and commercial clients.

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