Arborist Aboard Provides Effective Winter Tree Care Tips

In the winter months, trees often become neglected and can suffer serious damage or even death if they are subjected to harsh weather conditions. 

To ensure the longevity and health of your trees, Arborist Aboard has some simple tips to ensure your trees remain healthy this season.

5 Winter Tree Care Tips by Arborist Aboard

Professionals at Arborist Aboard shares 5 winter tree care tips:

1. Wrap Trees

If you live in an area prone to extreme winter weather or have high-value trees you’d like to protect, wrapping the trunks can help defend them against bark splitting, a common issue during times of extreme cold temperatures.

2. Tree Pruning 

In urban and suburban settings, trees may be more likely to suffer winter dieback due to improper pruning, soil compaction and salt run-off from roads. An arborist can trim trees during late winter or early spring, before active growth begins, to help reduce negative impacts from these conditions.

3. Tree Inspection

Winter is also an ideal time for an arborist to inspect the canopy of your trees for deadwood and webworms. Webworms can damage limbs and weakened branches should be removed to lighten the load and reduce the chances of it breaking in high winds.

4. Fertilization

Winter is the best time to fertilize trees. Trees become stressed and weakened during the cold winter months, making fertilization essential to help replenish the essential nutrients lost.

5. Water Your Tree in Extreme Cold

Trees may need an extra hydration boost in the wintertime, especially if temperatures drop below freezing. Make sure to water your tree deeply, regularly..

3 Reasons You Should Call the Professionals at Arborist Abroad for Winter Tree Care 

Here are 3 reasons you should trust Arborist Abroad with caring for your trees in winter:

1. Expert Knowledge

Arborist Abroad has about 20 years of experience in tree services and its team of professionals have extensive knowledge and experience with winter tree care.

2. Saves Time

Calling a professional winter tree care service is a much faster and efficient way to protect your trees during the winter months than tackling it yourself. 

3. Comprehensive Care

Not only will the professionals at Arborist Abroad provide winter tree care that is tailored to the needs of your trees, but they will also provide comprehensive tree care services such as tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding to ensure that your trees are kept healthy and beautiful during the winter season.

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