Arborist Aboard Offers Tree Removal Permit Tips

Most city governments in the United States have Tree Preservation Ordinances that inform property owners of the rules and regulations surrounding the removal of trees and trimming. This is because trees form a core part of the livability of urban cities, and in many cases removing trees without obtaining a permit is illegal.

When Can Trees Be Removed?

Tree removal from a residential property is a process that might not be as straightforward as one might wish, but it should not be a stressful one. There are some trees that do not require any kind of permit before they can be removed due to the situation surrounding the tree, for instance, if it is invasive, causing obstruction, or is dead. 

Some other kinds of trees require submitting a tree permit application and getting approval before they can be removed. There are still other types of trees whose removal is not guaranteed, even after sending in a tree permit. These include significant trees (perfect specimen), and heritage trees (trees that are of significant age).

How To Apply For Tree Removal Permit In Odessa, FL

The first step in applying for a Tree Removal Permit in the state of Florida is submitting the Tree Permit Application. A copy of the application can be downloaded from the Central Permitting Documents and Forms page. Be sure to have the application notarized, then it can be brought to one of the following Central Permitting Departments:

  • 8731, Citizens Drive, Suite 230, New Port Richey (727) 847-8126
  • 14236, 6th Street Suite 203, Dade City (352) 521-4279
  • 4111, Land O Lakes Boulevard, Land O Lakes (813) 929-2749

The amount charged is $50 per parcel/address up to 5 trees. If the application requires a site visit, then an additional $30 is charged. If the tree to be removed is more than 24 inches in diameter, then a site visit would most likely be necessary. Just send in your application, pay, get the approval, and then the tree removal can go right ahead.

How To Find The Right Tree Removal Specialist In Odessa, Florida

When it comes to tree care, and tree removal, you want a service that is highly rated with a reputation for excellent service. If this is what you are looking for, and you are in or around Odessa, Florida, a great company to check out is Arborist Aboard.

Owned and run by an ISA Certified Arborist, Arborist Aboard is a 5-rated, licensed and insured company that offers amazing customer service and great pricing. You can visit their official website to request a free estimate today.

Arborist Aboard is owned and operated by an ISA Certified Arborist and a second generation tree care professional. We take great pride in our work and the customers we serve, commercial and residential.

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