Arborist Aboard Offers Professional Fall Tree Pruning Tips

A vital aspect of tree maintenance, pruning can protect and enhance a tree’s quality and longevity. Fall and winter in Florida are not accompanied by many of the conventional dangers to trees that are typical associated with these seasons. Even so, fall is an ideal time for some tree maintenance. Pruning is important, as it addresses potential problems before the arrival of the winter season, helping to ensuring that a tree is in optimal health when spring growth arrives. A well-trimmed tree looks healthy and vibrant, adding to the property value.

Autumn is a good time to check a tree for defects. Dead and dying branches should be safely removed. Decay and other potentially problematic concerns should be noted and addressed. Weak areas should be examined, and unusual cracking of the bark may be an indicator that the tree may have potential infections or another problem. Nature may also damage a tree through high wind or heavy storms, and any damage incurred should be noted and attended to.

Disease and insect infestations are also potential dangers to the life and health of a tree, and fall is a good time to inspect a tree for these issues. A tree that is diseased or infested may often appear to be sound on the outside, but may actually be sickly or fragile upon further inspection. Pruning can help to remove problematic portions of the tree before further damage can be done. 

Fall pruning is an important aspect of proper tree care, and allows for the removal of any problem areas. To properly prune a tree, bypass pruners or pruning saws are good options. Loppers may also be used. Motorized equipment may be helpful, but are more difficult to control and tend toward mistakes. Motorized pruning is best accomplished by professionals with the proper training and experience. 

Arborist Aboard proudly serves the Odessa, Fl community as the top-rated tree care company in the area. With expert tree care and friendly service, the team of professionally trained arborists have the insight and experience necessary to complete the job in an organized and efficient manner. Licensed and insured, the team of professional arborists provide the best that the industry has to offer. Arborist Aboard offers tree trimming and pruning services with high-quality execution and competitive pricing.

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