Affordable, Reliable, and Professional Tree Service Available in Odessa, FL

Tree care is an important part of tree life and as living things, they feed, grow and react to changes in their environment. Lack of proper care and treatment can lead to diseases and pest infestations that could eventually lead to early tree death. With an average lifespan of a few decades to hundreds of years for most trees, proper care enhances their chances of survival. 

Trees sometimes occur naturally, but they can also be planted on residential or commercial property to increase curb appeal and property value. Expert tree professionals like Arborist Aboard provide the best tree care services in Odessa, FL. They ensure the trees are well kept, cared for, and allowed to thrive while prioritizing client safety as well and removing any trees that pose a safety risk.

Tree Care Services Available in Odessa, FL

Tree Removal 

Trees have lots of importance but become a threat to lives and properties around them in some situations.

When the risks are too high and the problems can’t be solved by other tree management measures, the only option is tree removal by experts. Tree removal is a dangerous process that may lead to accidents without the help of professionals like Arborist Aboard with the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment. 

Stump Grinding

After tree felling, stumps and roots are mostly left in the ground and could become a source of pest infestation and even an eyesore on the property. 

Arborist Aboard utilize special stump grinding equipment to remove all stumps and keep client property safe.  

Other Aspects Of Tree Care 

Fertilizer application, mulching, tree trimming, and pruning are all-important tree care services that are important for healthy tree growth and optimal living conditions. Providing tree care requires expertise and knowledge in the field and can cause more harm to the trees if handled by untrained personnel.  

Professional Tree Service Available in Odessa, FL

Arborist Aboard is a full-service tree care company founded by Mark Hughes, a native of the Bay area and second-generation tree care professional. He has over 20 years of field experience, and personally oversees all the jobs carried out by Arborist Aboard.

Their team is licensed and insured to provide all tree care services in Odessa, FL. They are also ISA certified and take great pride in their work as well as their ability to deliver excellent services at competitive rates.

They prioritize complete customer satisfaction which reflects in their 5-star ratings and they also provide emergency services alongside 24-hour customer service. 

Call them at +18139204410 to get a FREE estimate or visit their website for more information. 


Arborist Aboard is owned and operated by an ISA Certified Arborist and a second-generation tree care professional. We take great pride in our work and the customers we serve, commercial and residential.

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