How Do Trees Regulate Climate?

Trees do much more than provide us with shade, brightly colored leaves, and occasional fruits. Trees also provide a vital service to the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. 

Trees removing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases regulate the climate while also giving us fresh air to breathe. But unfortunately, changing our lands and removing trees is a massive contributor to climate change. In all, tree removal accounts for nearly a quarter of our carbon dioxide emissions. 

Furthermore, we’ll answer the question, “how do trees regulate climate?” We’ll also go over our services as tree service contractors in Tampa, FL

Trees and Their Role in Absorbing Carbon Dioxide

As trees grow, they extract carbon dioxide from the air. Using solar energy, carbon transfers to the tree’s leaves, branches, stems, roots, trunk, etc. 

This process is known as photosynthesis. Both trees and plants use photosynthesis to create energy or glucose for their cells by extracting it from water and carbon dioxide. 

Essentially, a tree acts as a massive container for carbon. Without trees, this carbon would remain as carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

By planting trees, some carbon remains inside the trees while the rest transfers to the soil via branches and leaves decomposition. Decomposing tree material naturally boosts our soil’s fertility. 

Since trees absorb about a quarter of all carbon dioxide, we need to plant more trees. Besides planting trees in our own backyards, it’s essential to know how global forests regulate our climate and air temperatures. 

What Essential Role Do Forests Play? 

When answering, “how do trees regulate climate?”, it’s essential to consider the many benefits tropical forests offer our planet. 

Besides absorbing many greenhouse gases, tropical forests provide habitats for many species. They also regulate water flow and guard coastal communities against rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

Tropical forests also provide medicines and food that local tribes and the world needs. 

Lastly, forests cool the planet, especially when planted at lower altitudes. Yet, today, forest regions the size of football fields get destroyed every minute, drastically contributing to climate change. Therefore, planting more trees will help on a global and local scale. 

Benefits of Trees in Our Backyards

It’s important to think globally but act locally by planting more trees in our backyards. For example, urban areas may rise to be 12°C hotter than surrounding rural areas. This influx is due to the heat from roads, traffic, and nearby buildings. 

Experts refer to these areas as “urban heat islands.” An urban heat island causes a region’s air temperature to rise. It also increases the frequency and severity of weather events like rainstorms, which can flood towns and cities. 

More urban parks and trees lining our city streets can combat decades of human-made temperature spikes. According to a study by the University of Manchester, a 10% rise in green spaces could reduce hot urban areas by at least four degrees Celsius. 

Water evaporating in the air as it leaves vegetation and leaves through transpiration would trigger this four-degree decrease. So, while planting more trees isn’t the only strategy we should undertake to combat climate change, it’s still crucial. 

Moreover, planting more trees is much cheaper and more effective than unproven high-tech carbon-sucking technology. 

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