5 Fast Growing Pine Trees for Your Florida Property

Florida receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year, so pine trees grow extremely well in the area. Florida is home to several species of evergreen pine trees that thrive in the Florida climate. So today, the team at Arborist Aboard is here to talk about the top five fast-growing pine trees for your Florida property. 

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1. Fern Pine

Fern pine trees are a popular choice with Florida homeowners due to their evergreen foliage and sleek appearance. Fern pines can work as standalone trees on your property or as a hedge to divide your property from your neighbor. Fern pine trees are also highly resistant to drought, so they will survive just fine in the unlikely event the state has a drought. 

2. Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine is one of the most popular fast-growing trees that can grow either inside or outside. Island pines slightly change color and constitution during the summer and winter, so they work extremely well in both seasons. Island pines have a distinct silhouette and are easy to grow.

3. Japanese Black Pine

Japanese Black Pine trees are extremely durable and grow well in most locations, including Florida. The trees display a characteristic needle pattern, with dense foliage and branches that jut outwards. Japanese black pines can grow to 80 feet tall and are highly adaptable, which is why they are a popular choice for tending bonsai trees. 

4. Loblolly Pine 

Loblolly pines are another common choice for fast-growing pine trees in the Southern United States. Also called bull pines, loblolly pines have a high growth rate and can even grow in poor soil conditions. Loblolly trees can grow up to two feet a year. Loblolly pines have a tall and straight profile, so they make great hedges to divide property lines. 

5. Lodgepole Pine

Lodgepole pines are another tall, straight pine tree that grows well in Florida soil. Lodgepole pines are tall but narrow, so you can plant several of them in a row without making them cluttered. Branch coverage is even up the entire trunk, so a row of lodgepole pines at mature height makes an attractive sea of green needles, slowly oscillating in the wind. 

How To Make Your Pines Grow Well

All trees, including pine trees, need the right soil conditions and nutrients to grow strong and tall. Below are some necessary minerals that trees need to grow. Treating your soil with these minerals can contribute to long-lasting, healthy pine trees. 


Nitrogen helps plants produce chlorophyll, which gives plants their characteristic green color. Without nitrogen, plants and trees wouldn’t be able to photosynthesize and produce energy for growth. 


Phosphorus is another important mineral that helps plants and trees absorb nutrients and water. In particular, phosphorus is most important in the tree roots because they are the site of the majority of nutrient absorption. 


Potassium also helps plants produce chlorophyll and engage in photosynthesis. Specifically, potassium controls the small holes (stomata) in trees that absorb CO2. Potassium also assists with intracellular signaling in fast growing pine trees, similar to humans. 

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