11 Must-Read Facts About Planting Trees

We walk past trees every day and may not even think about them, but they are an essential part of our lives. Trees provide shade and oxygen and add elements of natural beauty to the backdrop of our daily lives.

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Here are 11 must-read facts about planting trees:

Trees Can Live for Thousands of Years

The oldest single tree on Earth is a Norway Spruce in Sweden, estimated around 9,550 years old. In the United States, the oldest trees are located in Sequoia National Park in California and are around 3,000 years old.

Trees Can Improve Air Quality

One tree can produce 260 pounds of oxygen in a year. This is enough to support two people. Additionally, trees filter the air and absorb pollutants.

Trees Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, if just 10 percent of the country’s urban areas planted trees, it would save enough energy to power 4 million homes. Trees can also help keep buildings cooler in the summer and reduce the need for air conditioning.

 Tree Rings May Be Able to Predict Climate Change

One of the most widely known facts about planting trees is that it can help slow and prevent climate change. Did you know that planting trees can also help predict it? Each year, a tree adds a new ring to its trunk. By studying the rings of trees, scientists can learn about how climates are changing and predict how climate change will impact our environment in the future.

Trees Can Defend Themselves against Insects 

Trees have many ways to defend themselves against insects, such as producing toxins or emitting unpleasant odors. Some trees even produce sticky sap that traps insects looking for shelter and food.

Trees Can Help Reduce Noise Pollution

A tree’s leaves can help break up sound waves and reduce noise pollution. This is especially helpful in urban areas with a lot of noise pollution.

Trees Help Regulate Water Supplies

Trees help regulate the water supply by slowing down the flow of gallons of water and reducing the amount of runoff. This is important because it helps prevent floods and erosion. 

Trees Can Increase Property Values

Well-kept trees can increase the value of a property up to 19 percent. This is because trees add to the curb appeal and make it more desirable.

Trees Can Improve Mental Health

People who spend time in nature, including around trees, have been shown to have better mental health. This is likely because nature provides a calming effect and helps to reduce stress levels.

Certain Trees Can Help If You Are Lost in The Woods

If you are lost in the woods, look for a spruce or fir tree as a trail marker. These trees have needles that point down and can help you find your way home. Moss on trees is another good indicator of which way is north.

Some Trees Have Flown to The Moon

In 1971, Apollo 14 astronauts planted a flag on the moon. The flag was made of nylon and was attached to a metal pole. The pole was attached to a metal rod that was in turn connected to a small tree seedling. The tree is still alive today.

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