The Common Tree Types You Can Find in Florida

There are many common tree types found throughout Florida, and when properly maintained, they can enhance yards and commercial landscapes. Depending on the tree’s maturity, proper maintenance and trimming may require professional assistance.

With 24/7 tree service in Lutz from Arborist Aboard, homeowners have access to emergency arborist services in the event of an emergency or following a hurricane or other severe weather event. Trimming and pruning trees not only keeps trees healthy but can reduce the risk of a branch damaging a home or vehicle during a storm.

Consulting with a professional arborist can help protect property throughout the year without damaging otherwise healthy trees. Here’s an overview of the most common tree types in Florida, how to tell if they need care, and why that care should come from professionals.

Common Tree Types and How to Identify if They Need Care or Removal

Florida has rich bio-diversity and features numerous types of trees. The five most common trees are the Live Oak, Cypress, Pine, Maple, and Palms, which thrive in Florida’s subtropical and tropical climates.

Mature Live Oaks can grow up to sixty feet tall with a crown of up to one hundred feet and are among the most iconic trees in Florida’s native forests. Due to their size, if your property has healthy mature Live Oaks, you may want to hire a specialized arborist to maintain and care for those trees.

In the wetlands and swamps of Florida, Bald Cypresses are one of the most common tree types. They thrive in the Odessa and Tampa region and bloom annually.

Several species of Pine thrive throughout Florida’s rich forests. Pines do produce sap and may not be ideal for homes or businesses.

The Florida Maple and Red Maple are amore popular kind of tree for planting during landscaping as their iconic leaves change with the seasons and can reach heights up to sixty feet. In the fall, the Red Maples leaves change from dark green to a bright red and produce berries that attract native birds.

Perhaps the tree most commonly associated with Florida, alm trees are found in various types throughout the State. Palm trees are widely used in landscaping to create a tropical aesthetic and are quite hardy, especially in the humid, warmer months and temperate winters.

Gray bark or tree leaves that appear distressed can signify that a tree needs professional care or removal. Because these common tree types are found throughout Florida, having a professional consultation can keep trees healthy in every season.

Advantages of Using a Professional Arborist

Homes and businesses utilize trees to create shade, enhance landscaping, and provide natural beauty. However, a tree can threaten a property and, in some cases, need to be trimmed, pruned, or removed.

Professional arborists can identify the best course of action for removing a tree while mitigating the risk of causing damage to a property during the process. Keeping a tree properly trimmed allows it to grow healthy and reach maturity.

Professional arborists can help identify signs of disease, recommend the best solution and help explore removal options in the most extreme cases. While more mature common tree types typically require less care, younger trees may need more attention. Another threat to native Florida trees is invasive plants like Japanese honeysuckle, and a professional arborist may be able to help fight invasive species.

Learn about why removing a tree should be done by professionals to avoid damaging property or causing additional harm to native flora and fauna. Call 813-920-4410 today for a free estimate or schedule an on-site appointment online.


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