When Is the Best Time to Hire a Tree Service?

When is the best time to hire tree service? The short answer is that you should hire tree removal services in Florida whenever you need them. Our winters are mild, and so there isn’t the differentiation you get in colder states. In this post, Arborist Aboard, your trusted provider of tree services in Land O’ Lakes, explains more about the best time of year to hire them.

Tree Removal Services

If you have any issues with a tree at any time of the year, be sure to call the professionals. While it’s usually best to trim trees in the cooler winter months, you need to be cognizant of damage. If a tree’s in danger of toppling over soon or has unhealthy bark, you need to take steps to deal with it. 

If you suspect your tree is dying or diseased, call us straight away. This gives you a chance to save the tree, or at least remove it if it’s dangerous. 

Tree Trimming

In general, the best time to hire pruning services is during the cooler winter months. This is when the tree is likely to be dormant and less likely to lose a lot of sap. It’s also when there are fewer diseases and insects flying around, so it’s safer for the tree. This also allows the plant ample time to recover from pruning. 

The best time to hire tree service for trimming is usually during the early spring or winter months. There are, however, some exceptions:

  • If you’re in an area that experiences frost or are expecting a cold snap, wait until the icy weather is over before trimming. 
  • You should always prune fruit trees in late winter after most of the coldest weather has passed. They’re more prone to harsh weather. 
  • You should prune deciduous trees in the early spring from February to April. 
  • If the trees on your property tend to bleed a lot of sap if you prune them in winter, wait until later in the spring. These include beech, birch, maple, and willow. 
  • You may also trim some flowering trees after they’ve finished blooming. 

Don’t worry about this too much. Our team of certified arborists will advise you on the right course of action going forward. 

The Busiest Time of Year for Arborists

In Florida, our temperate climate makes it possible to enjoy a green garden year-round. Therefore, we’re busy for most of the year. However, we’re busiest during late winter and early spring as people want to get their gardens neat and tidy. We’re also very busy during the rainy season because we address storm damage.   

We recommend booking our services far in advance to beat the rush for trimming. 

When Is It Cheapest To Hire a Tree Service? 

You might think that you’ll save money when it comes to hiring a tree service, but the prices are generally fixed. In colder climates, tree services tend to be busiest during the summer months. Therefore, they might offer discounts to drum up business in winter. 

Because we don’t have snow here, we tend to receive a steady flow of work throughout the year. Therefore, we charge the same fees regardless of the season. What we can do is offer you a great price for a regular maintenance plan. 

Call Us for Advice

If you’re unsure of the best time to hire tree service, or have questions about other issues like improving soil fertility, reach out to us. We’ll help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of tree care. 

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