The Six Benefits of Trees in Your Yard in Tampa, FL

Trees do more than just make your lawn look pretty; they also act as a natural air conditioning system. You should thank them for the fresh air you breathe. 

In this blog post, Arborist Aboard, a certified arborist in the city of Tampa, explores the notable benefits of trees in your yard. Keep reading for more information from the experts. 

Trees Boost Your Property’s Value

When it comes to selling your home, you want it to fetch the maximum market price. Planting trees on your property can help you achieve that. 

A study by the University of Nebraska revealed that well-tended trees may impact your home’s sale price and the number of days it stays on the market. Some estimates also show that landscaping with trees and plants can increase your property’s value by up to 20%. 

Trees Purify the Air

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air. This helps clean the air and minimize the harmful effects this gas could have on the environment. 

The Arbor Day Foundation points out that a fully grown tree absorbs at least 48 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere annually and replaces it with oxygen. 

What’s more, trees absorb unpleasant odors and pollutant gases like sulfur dioxide, ammonia, ozone, and nitrogen dioxides. Additionally, they trap particulates on their leaves and bark, filtering them from the air. 

They Provide a Home for Wildlife

Trees in your yard help bring the beauty of wildlife to your doorstep. Next time you wake up to birds singing on your property, thank the trees!

Some species like oak trees attract butterflies and other beneficial insects. Your trees may also provide a safer environment for various animals to raise their offspring and find food. 

The secret to attracting a diverse range of wildlife is to plant several tree species in your yard. 

Trees Help Reduce Noise Pollution

If you plant trees at strategic points around your house, it can help buffer annoying noise. You’ll particularly appreciate this benefit if you live near an airport or freeway. 

Trees Help Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs

Our list of the benefits of trees in your yard can’t be complete without talking about energy cost savings. A strategically positioned tree or shrub can effectively provide shade in the summer, serve as a windbreak in the winter, and lower your energy bills. 

According to, well-placed trees can save up to 25% of your household energy use. Talk to a qualified arborist to help you choose the best tree-planting sites to enjoy these benefits. 

Trees Help Slow Water Flow and Prevent Flood Damage

Trees in your yard can help prevent your lawn from washing out during heavy rains. But how does this work?

Trees help regulate the flow of runoff water by encouraging water absorption into the ground rather than letting it flow away. This helps recharge the groundwater supplies as well as minimize soil erosion and flooding. 

According to, a mature Colorado Blue Spruce can intercept at least 1,000 gallons of water in a year. This plays a great role in replenishing underground aquifers. 

Your Trusted Tampa Tree Specialists

Now that you know the benefits of trees in your yard, Arborist Aboard can help you find the best trees to plant on your property. Planting the wrong trees can do more harm than good in your yard. 

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Arborist consultation
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  • Tree removal

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